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If you or your organization are faced with an imminent threat, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. 

This Website is not a source of legal or clinical advice in handling an active threat situation.


Behavioral Science Applications (BSA) helps organizations interpret and apply behavioral science research to violence prevention and emergency management plans, policies, procedures and exercises, as well as real-time response

BSA offers access to some of the world’s foremost experts in the behavioral sciences and homeland security. Our associates are available to qualified organizations for planning, training and consulting engagements. Each of BSA’s associates has an extensive background in law enforcement, security, emergency management and the behavioral or social sciences, combined with decades of front line experience.

Our clients include multinational corporations, institutions of higher learning, and governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from every sector.  

BSA is uniquely poised to deliver a range of high-level professional services to enhance a client’s ability to empower and protect most their valuable assets from today's threats. 


In the wake of the catastrophic terrorist attacks on 9/11, followed closely by the bioterror anthrax attacks, researchers began to tackle the difficult question of how ready American communities and organizations truely are for these types of novel threats. The leading study in this area found that:
"Research shows that even if the nation get all of [logistics, equipment, etc.] right, the plans that are being developed now are destined to fail because they are missing an important piece of the puzzle: how the American public would react to these kinds of emergency situations." ("Redefining Readiness Study" New York Academy of Medicine, September 2004.)       
Behavioral Science Applications is dedicated to helping leaders and decision-makers complete the puzzle to achieve optimal levels of readiness, response and recovery in all types of emergency scenarios. We provide the missing piece.
BSA applies the methods and doctrines of the behavioral sciences to the problems of homeland and private security, violence prevention and emergency management. This approach helps an organization's leaders and decision-makers form accurate behavioral assumptions about how their workforce, their customers and other critical stakeholders are likely to react to a wide range of hazard scenarios. 

Our firm also assists organizations of all types and sizes in anticipating and coping with the potentially inappropriate, irrational, abnormal, and dangerous behaviors of others, and provides high-level training and consulting services to businesses, military, law enforcement, homeland and private security, as well as organizations in the intelligence community. BSA is also an innovator in the use of technology to extend the capabilities of our clients of recognize, respond and recover from critical incidents. 

The ability to form accurate behavioral assumptions can give an organization a critical strategic and tactical advantage in managing a variety of operational risks. BSA is ready to help your organization step up to the next level of preparedness by understanding and managing crisis-related human behavior.